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Apple Sues Imitation Stores in Queens

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Fake iPod touch via priceminister/Flickr

Kunming, China doesn't have a monopoly on fake Apple stores. Exactly two weeks ago, the company filed suit against over 50 local knockoff retailers, including Apple Story and Fun Zone in Flushing, Queens. A U.S. District Court judge granted Apple's requests for a restraining order, a preliminary injunction, and a seizure order against the stores.

It sounds like at least some of the Flushing knockoffs might not be as convincing as the ones in Kunming. The Post reports that Apple Story occupies 400 square feet, sits next to a foot-massage stand, and "lacks a Genius Bar." But one customer says she was confused until she saw the prices: "A lot of the items are chintzy—and that's not Apple." Hear that, knockoff vendors? As long as your iPad and iPhone cases are expensive, you might be able to fool the public.
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Apple Story

4012 Main Street, Flushing NY