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Savage Lines at Savage Beauty: See Before You Go

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Here now: Your photo update from the scene outside the Alexander McQueen show at the Met. We checked it out for ourselves to give you something better than Twitpics. And the rumors are confirmed: It is a madhouse.

There's a line on the north side of the steps that runs down the steps before doubling back and wrapping all the way around the fountain. Then there's another line on the south side of the steps that trails past the fountain and down Fifth Avenue. And then there is yet a third line at the group entrance, although there are no groups to be found, and the security guard refused to explain the difference. We also overheard him speaking threateningly to the guy in front of us, and he mentioned something about "another fistfight." Another one? On the bright side, the vendors selling water and other refreshments are probably making bank. Good for them.—Lauren Budorick
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