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Five Tips for Surviving the Epic Savage Beauty Line

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Viewers at the Savage Beauty exhibit back in May. Image via Getty.

The bad news: Once the Met's Alexander McQueen exhibit closes this Sunday, it's gone forever. The show has no plans to tour, according to our source at the museum. Instead, the looks will be packed up and returned to the McQueen archive, the Givenchy archive, and private lenders. The good news: There are still a few days left in which to see the show, and plenty of ways to manage the wait to get inside. We've rounded up five of them below.

1). Download "McQueen Line Trek: The Taming of the Queue." This cutely named app will keep you occupied with trivia questions based on the art you'll pass as you shuffle forward in the line. Get it from the App Store or Android Market, or use it on a regular phone by texting "MCQUEEN" to 728647.

2). Go late on Saturday or Sunday. The museum will be staying open until midnight both days for the first time ever. You could also try taking advantage of tonight's extended hours, which run till 9pm.

3). Become a member and go early. From 8:30am to 9:30am, the exhibit is open to members only, drastically cutting down on the number of tourists as well as the wait time. Update: Looks like that option has expired.

4). Go first thing in the morning and just walk past the outdoor line. This option certainly isn't sanctioned by the Met like the first three, but commenters swear it works. Why? Because the line isn't created or managed by the museum; it's just a group of McQueen-hungry early arrivals who've peer-pressured themselves into an organized queue. The museum only keeps track of the lines indoors, so if you time things right, you can saunter right past the crowd just as the door opens. Just try not to take the death glares personally.

5. Remove some of the pressure by remembering that McQueen won't be disappearing forever from the New York scene. The Museum at FIT will be showcasing some of his pieces at their Daphne Guinness exhibit, and if all else fails, you can always just buy the Met's McQueen book. Explains a reader "It's well done and a nice companion to the AngloMania fashion book from several years ago."
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