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Lacoste L!ve Coming to the SoHo Mall This Fall

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Come October, the little Lacoste croc will be crawling into a new L!ve lair at 541 Broadway, right in the middle of SoHo mall madness. Signage announcing "a new look downtown" has just gone up in the windows between Prince and Spring, a grand 5,000 square foot space fronted by cast iron. The new digs were confirmed earlier this week by The Feast when the Lacoste flagship on Fifth reopened after a full facelift and a wee bit of midtown expansion.

This stylish L!ve crocodile, geared towards the young and chiseled, should not be confused with that other crib for crazy crocs right around the corner. What this means for the other SoHo Lacoste L!ve at 134 Prince remains a mystery. Will the scheduled fall opening include a L!ve Andy Roddick? The croc isn't talking.
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