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At the Alexander Wang Sale, the Bags Have Seriously Dwindled

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This morning we headed back over to the Alexander Wang sample sale, and to our surprise, there was barely a line when we showed up at 9am. By the time we entered, however, the line had grown significantly in both directions. Looks like there was some sort of list that ten or so girls happened to be on, which got them in before us and, most likely, down to the bags.

To our dismay, when we reached the lower level we saw that the bags were basically gone. At around 10:15 there were two Donna bags in mustard and one Brenda in slate, but we're not exactly banking on them still being there. A staffer was literally guarding them, and you absolutely couldn't just pick one up and "think about it." If you wanted it, you had to check it downstairs, which we saw someone do with the last remaining Brenda. So let's just call a spade a spade and say they're gone.

As for the shoes, there's still a hearty selection. As we reported yesterday, shoe styles are all over the place, with everything from lace-up booties, sandals, and heels perched on stacks of boxes. If you're looking for the Freja bootie or the Dakota lace up, you're in luck, but there's plenty more left than just those.

The ready-to-wear section is still quite full also, with a lot of silk jumpsuits ($260), charcoal silk dresses ($180), blazers ($180), and long, gauzy dresses ($160) left. Those racks also aren't as crowded as everywhere else, so you have time to look slowly. And the men's area in the front was empty and loaded with stuff, so the guys are clearly the real winners here.

T is still stocked but naturally a lot sloppier. The one rack of longer (and nicer) T dresses is pretty picked through, with a few left for $60. There's a lot left in the boxes that house the $35 tanks, striped tees, and loose dresses, but mostly in sizes medium and large. There's still extra smalls and smalls left if you need them—you've just got to dig.

And now here's some clarification on things that are a little unclear. The whole $200 credit card requirement might not be true, as we were given the option to use plastic on just one T tank top. Also, as we said earlier, they will be restocking but we were told that's it for the bags. And best yet: Sunday is the last day of the sale, and we overheard some mumblings about prices dropping on the final day, just like last year.
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