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Nordstrom's Charity Concept Shop Should Open Very Soon

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Over on West Broadway, the future home of Nordstrom's charity concept shop Treasure & Bond still looks like a giant question mark. The doors are covered in brown paper, and the opaque white windows don't reveal much. There is, however, one clue printed on the glass: A sign announcing that the store will open this month. We'd heard the date August 15th floated from various sources, but our Nordstrom contact says it's not accurate. And the Wall Street Journal's big Nordstrom story today simply places the opening sometime "in the coming weeks."

All this seems to indicate that there's plenty of prep work taking place behind the milky exterior. But since Nordstorm has revealed very little about the store other than the charity angle (and the fact that it won't have Nordstrom branding), the mystery launch date only increases the suspense.

Now that Treasure & Bond is almost here, does that mean we'll be getting a real Nordstrom sometime soon? That's what the WSJ wonders in today's story. The answer, alas, is "Maybe, but maybe not." The latest rumor has the department store as a retail anchor in Hudson Yards, but that project won't be finished until 2017.
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Hudson Yards

347 10th Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10001 (212) 801-1000 Visit Website

Treasure & Bond

350 West Broadway, New York NY