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Scouring the Women's Sale Rack at Barneys Co-Op Chelsea

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There's one surefire way to beat the crowds at the upcoming Barneys Warehouse Sale: Don't go. Settle down, now, we have nothing against Barneys. In fact, we're big fans. But the fact remains that the Warehouse Sale is a certifiable zoo and not everyone wants to be shoved and trampled there. So yesterday we schlepped down to the Barneys Co-Op in Chelsea to see what's left of their spring sale, which advertises up to 75% off—same as the Warehouse Sale. And it turns out there are a few decent wares still to be had, if you're willing to look.

Don't bother looking for sale shoes and bags—there are very few, and they are interspersed with the far-too-tempting full-price merch. We headed straight to the RTW racks on the left. After finding 13 steeply discounted items of definite interest, we looked for them on so we could share them with the world. As it turns out, a good majority of them are sold out on the Barney's website?and everywhere else we looked online. So some of these goods really may be last-chance items. They were there yesterday, but they could easily be gone by this afternoon. Take that as you will.—Lauren Budorick
· Barneys [Official Site]