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Brooklyn Blogger Calls Missoni x Target "a Bit of a Con Job"

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Over at Brokelyn, writer Faye Penn explains why she can't get excited about Missoni for Target. Fashion bloggers generally seem positive on the partnership, which consists of over 400 pieces and launches in New York on September 8 (aka Fashion's Night Out.) But Penn is skeptical—about both this collection and high-low designer collaborations in general. "Would Jaguar ever design a special edition Hyundai?" she writes. "No, because you simply cannot render a Jag in the cheap ingredients used to make a Hyundai." She also believes collabs devalue the brands involved:

If everyone's invited to the feast, what's the point in sneaking in? Like celebrities, luxury icons like Missoni were built on aspiration and mythology, which is why the whole idea of Missoni for Target feels like a bit of a con job. And once a designer rolls out a Target line, I for one don't fantasize about the real stuff anymore.
Penn is hardly the first person to point out that a Target-made designer dress isn't really a designer dress, but she's the first we've seen to peg her complaints to Missoni specifically. What do you think? Will you be lining up on Sixth Avenue to shop the collection?
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