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The Jell-O Pudding Face of Soho Wants to Know How You Feel

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Creeptastic! If you're out pre-looting running errands around Soho today, look up at the intersection of West Broadway and Grand Street to catch a giant face staring right back at ya. This is the Jell-O Pudding Face, discovered in an instragram pic by @BrianWohlert, and he's not necessarily smiling (or frowning) at you, but rather at the general sentiment of Twitter.

The idea of this interactive billboard is simple: a computer measures the percentage of frowny faces being tweeted against that of smiley faces, and the billboard's lips physically display the result.

Frankly we don't see how it could vary much from the "meh" face it has now, unless we're all forced to eat Jell-O for dinner for the next few days, after hurricane-panicked hoardings clear out everything else from Duane Reade shelves around the city. That would be a frowny face indeed.
· Jell-o Pudding Face [Official Site]

West Broadway and Grand Street, New York, NY