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Lines at Trader Joe's; Barneys Warehouse Sale Forecast; Saks Closing

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We're heading out a little early for the weekend. Stay safe and dry, folks.

COBBLE HILL—Every Trader Joe's in the city is reportedly a mob scene right now. At the Atlantic Avenue location, we found an outdoor queue and a staffer admitting ten people at a time. With the MTA shutting down at noon tomorrow, the store plans to close early so that employees can make it home. They haven't landed on an exact time, but 10am sounds likely. Got pictures of lines at other locations around the city? Send them to [RackedWire; NYDN]

CHELSEA—Let's talk about what's really important when Hurricane Irene is threatening the city: The Barneys Warehouse Sale. So far, we hear that the company hasn't said anything about closing the regular stores tomorrow, which means the sale should remain open. But it's a good idea to call before you go. The number listed with the sale information just leads to a recording, so try contacting one of the Co-ops around the city. Standard common-sense warnings apply, of course: Just because the sale's open doesn't mean you should risk your well-being to shop. [RackedWire]

MIDTOWN—Update! Saks just announced they'll be closed Saturday and Sunday. It's probably safe to assume the other major department stores will do the same. [RackedWire]

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