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A Horde of Early Risers Turns Out for the Barneys Warehouse Sale

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This summer's Barneys Warehouse Sale opens to the public at 8am. Below, Fawnia Soo Hoo reports live from the scene outside 225 W. 17th Street in Chelsea, where a healthy-sized crowd has already gathered. (Want to know more about what's inside? See our previews on men's, women's, shoes, and housewares.)

7:00am: Good morning! There are probably about 50 people in line, and very well-dressed shoppers are steadily joining.

7:03am: The line keeps growing. I think 7am is the magic hour. This one might actually hit Seventh Avenue.

7:07am: I just did a quick scan of the crowd and here's the headwear count so far: Three baseball caps, two chauffeurs hats, two fedoras, and one turban.

7:21am: The line is about three-quarters of the way across 17th Street now. It's cute: I noticed that there are a bunch of groups of friends here who are all dressed similarly. Two girls in denim short shorts and ballet flats, a pair in chic casual LBDs, two guys wearing cross-body bags and Jack Purcells, and a trio of girls who might not be wearing matching outfits but are clearly all models.

7:23am: Oh, and three girls in yoga pants/shorts and running shoes.

A good old-fashioned Warehouse Sale queue circa 7:25am

7:31am: Barneys is sending out uniformed security now. Linegoers keep blocking the entrances to other buildings, so the security guys are stationed in each doorway to keep us in order. Because we're so crazy.

7:34am: People are settling in for the long haul now and sitting down (some in skirts or short shorts) on the New York City sidewalk. I'm not quite sure how I feel about that. I mean, at least put down an AMNY as lining or something.

7:44am: The line is about one storefront and luxury condo away from hitting the corner. The doorman of said building just noticed the crowd encroaching on his doorway. He looks alarmed.

The last few people in line around 7:45am

7:51am: Ten more minutes! I just noticed that Fox 5 News is missing for a second season in a row. Guess the monster line is just expected now?

7:58am: Three minutes to go. Everyone is staring intently at the door.

8:00am: We're moving! I hope they don't make me check my bag. I packed light especially for this.

8:02am: A staffer just greeted us all with a "Good morning" and thanked us for waiting. Classy! I'm inside and the line has stopped moving. Bag check.

8:04am: Yay, I'm in! They let me keep my bag.

The liveblog continues inside the sale right this way.

Barneys Warehouse Sale

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Barneys Warehouse Sale

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