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Scenes from the Chaos Inside the Barneys Warehouse Sale

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Racked is no longer publishing. Thank you to everyone who read our work over the years. The archives will remain available here; for new stories, head over to, where our staff is covering consumer culture for The Goods by Vox. You can also see what we’re up to by signing up here.

The liveblog continues! Below, Racked NY sale expert Fawnia Soo Hoo reports from the opening hour of the Barneys Warehouse Sale. What's changed since we previewed the sale on Tuesday afternoon? Who's elbowing who? Stay tuned for all the details below.

8:05am: Women are going crazy in the shoe section. I keep getting shoved.

8:07am: It's officially a mess in here. I was just wedged in between two hoarding shoppers and couldn't get out of the size 7 aisle.

8:09am: There are more bags now. The Devi Kroell is buried, but I see it there. Lots of Botkier and Tano styles.

8:12am: There's a major feeding frenzy in the shoe aisles. People are hip-checking, shoving, and butt-bumping just to get close to the shoes. It looks like they added more Lanvin stock. I see tons of those huarache wedges in different colors. (I'm hiding in size 11 because there's better behavior over here.)

8:13am: Lots of Co-op styles, a few more Manolos, like a python peep-toe bootie I saw at the last Manolo sale.

8:15am: There is a designated, blocked-off dressing area near the handbag table. It's starting to get crazytown in there, too. I can hear the hangers clanging and banging around.

8:16am: On to the clothes!

8:17am: Holy crap. Nowhere is safe. There's mayhem in the designer section, and the aisles are more narrow this year. Wish me luck—I'm going in.

8:20am: Are you kidding me?! Designer is organized by size and not label this year. So the size four and six aisle is jammed and there's no easy way to determine exactly what labels are on offer.

8:22am: I see Givenchy, more Giambattista Valli, Marc Jacobs, the Row (black suede strapless dress $559 from $2250), more Altuzarra, Chloé, Nina Ricci, Lanvin ($599 for a gold lamé asymmetrical tank.) The aisles are clogged because shoppers are looking through every item.

8:24am: OK, I'm getting trampled. Time for RTW.

8:27am: It's not any better over here. Ooh, I do see a Carven wrap dress in black for $259 from $660. The size four aisle is impenetrable. A few girls are carrying that Phillip Lim rosette jacket.

8:29am: There's lots more Carven out now. A black suede moto jacket is $759 and a black-and-white striped cropped jacket is $649.

8:30am: Just saw a girl get elbowed in the head in the denim section. I repeat: No place is safe.

8:32am: On that note, I'm heading to the now-fully-stocked home section before I brave menswear. Hopefully that will be a little bit quieter.

8:33am: OMG. I just almost tripped over a girl's massive shopping bag full of shoe boxes.

8:35am: Housewares is buzzing. Mainly from the spillover from the designer section. One woman is sitting on an expensive chair with her head in her hands. I feel you, girl.

8:38am: Yay! Cheap kids' stuff. A week of baby socks is now $7 from $28, ribbon headbands are $4 from $18, some sort of comic-book–themed underwear is $31. (Oh no—I hear breaking glass. Hope that wasn't an $100 champagne flute.)

8:40am: More Jonathan Adler stuff, like a fishie salt and pepper shaker set for $25 from $48. Home is getting out of control now because girls are using the expensive furniture as surface areas to asses their purchases. A Phillip Lim jacket ended up covering the fancy pillows. There's no escape.

8:42am: Wait! No! One girl is about to put her bag down on the stingray end table.

8:45am: I just realized that there are fewer shoes this year. Usually the entire back wall is lined with shoe shelves. Not the case today, hence the chaos: There's a smaller pool of merch to fight over.

8:48am: The men's section shoes are like a breath of fresh air. Guys are better behaved. I overheard a guy scoff that a pair of brogues was still $1000. Some sample prices: Dolce & Gabbana woven loafers are $399 from $695, Prada oxfords are $359 from $730, Timberland chukkas are $149 from $300, and Jil Sander two-toned chukkas are $269 from $550.

8:50am: Alexander McQueen, Comme, Balmain—it's kind of hard to find the pricing on the menswear. A Balmain striped button-down is $269, a Comme des Garçons nylon peacoat is $369 from $1055, and a Lanvin nylon blazer is $619 from $945.

8:58am: Men's denim is out now, too. Nudie dark wash $79 from $215, Thom Browne waxed jeans...some of these aren't priced. J Brand skinnies are $69 from $176, Current/Elliot soft ripped jeans are $79 from $228.

9:02am: Wow, it's SO quiet down here. The designer stuff is set up, and hey—the guys get their designer goods organized by label. I see YSL, Yohji Yamamoto, Margiela, Prada, Band of Outsiders, and, yes, Lanvin.

9:07am: Men's accessories has leather Common Projects totes for $269, Woolrich plaid flannel messenger bags for $249, and Comme houndstooth totes for $199.

9:15am: OK, I'm back upstairs now and chaos still reigns. Some girl just clocked me in the head with a boot, looked me in the eye, and didn't even apologize. Yeah, you, pixie cut. That's my cue to exit. I'd suggest heading over later for a more pleasant shopping experience, but the selection is looking pretty picked over already. If you go, be strong! And maybe wear body armor.

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