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Manumission Skin Care to Beef Up and Beautify Greenwich Village

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Upper East Side resident and mixed martial arts fighter Dan Ostrower started a skincare brand called Manumission, because as he says (and if you didn't already know), "Guys who do Brazilian jujitsu and could rip your arm off and beat you with it like bubble bath and girly products because they have enough moisturizers." Except he's eliminated the fruity scents and made it really simple. There's five products in all and you have the option to purchase them via three different kits: face kit, body kit, shave kit. Done. The end.

DNAinfo reports that the products will be sold in various gyms, men's clothing stores, and barber shops in Greenwich Village. They don't say exactly where yet, but keep an eye out for these kinda guys walking around the village: wrestlers, commercial fishers and military members, since those are the men Ostrower employed as product testers. And perhaps one of the best endorsements has come from Ultimate Fighter Anthony "The Assassin" Njokuani, who says, "We all know I need to look sharp in and out of the cage, and I use the Manumission products daily."
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