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Bikram Yoga Manhattan Blames Closing on Yoga to the People

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Why is Bikram Yoga Manhattan closing its Penn Station location? The studio is happy to answer that question: Because East Village phenomenon Yoga to the People has driven it out of business. In an email to newsletter subscribers today, BYM explained that its 30th Street space will close August 11th, after which members will have to get sweaty at their Soho location only. The email goes on:

Over the last few years, the presence of our competitors, YTTP's Greg Gumucio, who offers Bikram Yoga classes under the guise of "hot" or "traditional" yoga without certified yoga teachers has made it impossible for us to continue.
And on:
Mr. Gumucio and his team have taken it upon themselves to violate this honorable and ancient system in the interest of commerce and making money.

And on:

It is devastating to see others like Mr. Gumucio bypass what we believe to be a powerful journey and intent.
All told, the email comprises ten paragraphs explaining that Bikram Yoga is a specific practice invented by Yogi Raj Bikram Choudhury, and that Yoga to the People's "no glorified teachers" approach is a perversion of the whole concept. Curiously, the studio also published a closing letter on their website that doesn't mention Gumucio once.

Here's the email to newsletter subscribers:

Head here for a bigger image.

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Bikram Yoga Manhattan

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