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UWS Bookseller Has Kept His Parking Spot for Over a Decade

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Mysak appears in

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Charles Mysak has been selling books on the corner of Columbus and 68th Street for the last 11 years. In all that time, he's never left his parking space. Mysak tells the Post that his wife drives him to his parked car every day from their home in Wayne, NJ. From 7am to 7pm, he feeds the meter, paying $36, or roughly a third of his daily income from book sales. When the street sweeper comes, he moves the vehicle—otherwise, it just sits.

This isn't necessarily legal, but Mysak seems to have a casual relationship with the law. According to the paper, he's a former lawyer who was disbarred after getting convicted of stealing from his clients. And at the moment, he appears to owe the city $470 in parking tickets.
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