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Billy of Billy's Antiques Is an Energy Drink-Commercial Star

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Bill Leroy, owner of Billy's Antiques, is a pretty busy man. Not too long ago, he duked it out with the pesky MTA over subway signs they alleged were stolen, then stuck it to them by proceeding to rightfully "splash them" outside of his shop. He's also the unofficial mayor of Houston Street and spends some of his time Bowery mayor and has spent some time talking to the Bowery ghosts. In short, they don't make 'em like Billy no more.

To prove it further, he recently starred in a commercial for XL energy drink, where he can be seen dusting off a gator (or crocodile?, or dinosaur?) skull and smoking a cig on the sidewalk in white loafers and burgundy socks. He also warns all ye Bowery competitors (he's lookin' at you, Rag and Bone): "I'm not on Facebook, but I will be soon."
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