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Google's New Catalogs App; More Details on the Marc Ecko Art Heist

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THE INTERNET—Genius new iPad app Google Catalogs lets you thumb through all of your favorite shopping periodicals without having to kill any trees. Catalogs include Anthropologie, Bergdorf Goodman, and Neiman Marcus, and if you see something you like, you can click through to buy. [Racked National]

CHELSEA—Runnin' Scared talked to Marc Ecko's assistant for more information on the theft of a $100,000 KAWS poster from Ecko's gallery last week. She explains: "We have a doorman downstairs who gets packages and lets people in. [The thief] signed a fake name, and came up to the 2nd floor [where Ecko's office is located]. He did know the code to get in, so he probably knows someone who worked here or does work here. We suspect that he knows someone who knows the code." Inside job! [RS]

Marc Ecko Art Gallery

40 W. 23rd Street, New York NY