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Net-a-Porter Hits the Streets with "Window Shops" for FNO

Image via <a href="">idhren</a>/Flickr
Image via idhren/Flickr

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Online shopping and on-street revelry generally don't mix, but Net-a-Porter has developed a Fashion's Night Out plan that bridges the gap. The e-commerce giant will decorate storefronts in New York and London with vinyl graphics depicting a cornucopia of designer goods. Aim your iPhone, iPad, or Android at the dress or bag you fancy, and you'll be able to buy it online. If you're lucky, you won't even have to break out your credit card—Net-a-Porter plans to give away certain pieces as prizes. Everyone, shoppers and winners alike, receives next-day delivery. And all you have to do to play is download Net-a-Porter's "The Window Shop" app before you go out.
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