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Housing Works Groupon Means Less Money for Charity

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As the Awl points out, there's something a little bit off about today's Groupon, which offers half-price at philanthropic chain Housing Works. From the Groupon: "Value: $40. Discount: 50%. You save: $20." From the Housing Works website: "A pair of designer shoes that sells for $40 in one of our stores provides ten days worth of hot meals for a homeless HIV+ mother and her child." Then again, if it helps bring in new customers, maybe it's worth it?
· Today's Groupon: Helping People with HIV for Half Off [The Awl]
· Housing Works [Groupon]

Housing Works Thrift Shop - Chelsea

143 West 17th Street, New York, NY 10011 (718) 838-5050 Visit Website

Housing Works

143 W.17th Street, New York NY