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The Upper West Side Uniqlo Pop-Ups Are Now Open

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Bring on the cashmere and tapered skinny jeans: The two Uniqlo pop-up shops on Broadway are now open for business. In time for the weekend shopping crowds, both pop-ups were unveiled this past Saturday, one at 62nd Street and the other between 87th and 88th. Along with a mix of nannies, stroller moms, tourists, and young professionals, we dropped into the Columbus Circle locale to check out a miniaturized version of what to expect this fall when the Fifth Avenue flagship opens.

Both Uniqlo pop-ups carry the same stock: Straight leg jeans for guys and the popular tapered skinnies for the ladies, a rainbow of puffy vests and jackets, boatloads of plaids, water-resistant trenches, rugged field coats, a few styles of oversize knits, and a plethora of cashmere offerings stacked from floor to ceiling. As a slightly foreboding precursor to the wintry weather to come, a wall of hermetically-sealed HeatTech offerings are also available.

An art installation of flat screens flash Uniqlo messaging, and a pair of frenetically roving spotlights highlight all the offerings on tap. Oh and we have to give props to the visual merchandiser who transformed a basic lilac cashmere sweater into a twisted-bandeau strapless top. Nice work. There is also a discreet set of dressing rooms at the back for fitting.

We were greeted by two friendly plaid-outfitted staffers who told us that there are graphic tees in the back to be placed out on the floor at some point in the future. The pop-ups will be around for "a couple months" and the most interesting tidbit: The temporary locations on the UWS are reportedly "tests" to feel out the nabe for a possible future permanent location. Better get to shopping, UWS.
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