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Stop the Presses: Apple's Fifth Avenue Cube Will Have Fewer Panels

Rendering via Apple
Rendering via Apple

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Apple's Fifth Avenue flagship cube has been under wraps while the exterior of the building gets a facelift, and now we have an idea as to what is really going on under there. As we reported back in June, the cube has temporarily come down while parts of the store undergo reconstruction, a move that is costing the company almost $7 million. Changes to the facade include "removing protective bollards, installing new pavers around the cube’s perimeter, and removing and reinstalling surrounding water drains."

But the cube is getting a makeover too! And a pretty drastic one: Come November, its 90 glass panels will be reduced to just 15. Apple says they're "simplifying" the cube by using larger panes of glass, but really, there's nothing simple about a giant hunk of glass with a price tag in the millions.

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