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Stella McCartney Sale Day Two: Pretty Stocked, Really Quiet

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After the day one crowds had their way with the Stella McCartney friends and family sale, we decided to take a second look to see what remains. The answer: A lot, although there was no drop in pricing. Just to reiterate, the sale is technically a private invitation-only event, but an intrepid few un-invitees have managed to make their way into the promised land. When we dropped by late this morning, there were two friendly (and possibly bored) security guards manning the door. They were checking for invitation print-outs, but not names or IDs. So, again, use that tidbit of information as you see fit.

Inside the fifth floor multi-room space, the staffers were chatting with each other and restocking the plentiful remainder of products. The shoppers were few, but very successful—carrying piles of clothes and accessories in their arms. Amongst the items we witnessed in mid-replenishment: The bags. There are still three tables piled with chain-link totes in various styles (canvas, vegan leather, light python-embellishment) running around $299 (with the 80% discount) and the smaller purses about $219.

The shoe room was nearly a ghost town, but still well-stocked with various sandal, clog, stiletto, gladiator, and boot styles. We were tempted by the blush and rose-gold-accented stilettos marked to $169. Sizing is dependent on the style, but there are quite a few to choose from. We then ventured over into the children's apparel/sportswear room and happily found a big bin of sunglasses, all originally priced starting around $200 and marked at 80% off, making the final price about $40 and up. That's the best deal of the day in our opinion.

If you're in the market for Stella McCartney apparel, you might want to think on your strategy to drop by (not that we're encouraging crashing or anything....) because there are tons left at the 50% or 80% off mark. The knits, denim, day-wear and evening all still remain. We eyed the citrus-y cut-out gown ($539 from $2695), jumpsuits (from $171 for the casual, slouchy fabric to $259 for the python-printed silk) and lovely eyelet day-frocks ($235 from $1775).

The staff, while extremely helpful and friendly, seemed slightly fatigued from the day one onslaught, so take it easy on them. Final word: It's the last day of the sale and everything is now out on the floor. Hey, we're just reporting, the rest is up to you.
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