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This Girl Bought a Wedding Gown for a Penny, Wants to Give it Away

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Remember the girl who snagged a cashmere sweater at Bloomingdale's for a mere penny due to a rare loophole? Well, here's one better. On a whim, a New York-based dating coach and blogger stumbled into the Union Square Nordstrom Rack and decided to try on some evening gowns just for kicks. Must have been her lucky day because she then happened upon a lone size four Jessica McClintock strapless wedding gown with the original $275-price crossed out and a new one reading just $.01. So it's not just an urban myth! Apparently, the jaw-dropping price was due to a price discrepancy and the frock was not supposed to be on the floor. Nordstrom Rack honored the penny total (and NYC sales tax comes to zero for $.01, in case you're wondering), so this young lady headed home with the dress.

But, said shopper is a happening, single girl with no planned nuptials in her near future. Plus she's afraid that any potential suitors might be scared off at the sight of an unworn wedding dress sitting in the middle of her New York size apartment. So instead, she's going to give the dress away to a more deserving individual.

Maybe you have a wedding coming up and haven't budgeted enough for a dress, or you want to dye it and turn it into your dream prom dress, I want to hear about it. Contact me (here) and tell me your story by 10/1/11, and I will choose one person to ship the dress to.

This girl is going to have some seriously good shopping karma coming back to her soon.

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