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Progress Report on the Baffling Ralph Lauren Moves: RRL Is Open

Image via <a href="">The Shophound</a>
Image via The Shophound

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It's getting a little—how should we say it?—exhausting keeping up with all of the recent Ralph Lauren closures and switcheroos, but over the weekend things began to fall into place. The Shophound reports that the new RRL store has officially taken over where the men's and women's collection stores used to be at 383 Bleecker Street.

But it's not really that simple. The standard RRL that we've come to know has set up on the former women's side of things, but the wall hasn't been knocked down between the two stores. The men's side is currently home to a brand new "Italian-made tailored clothing line under RRL's label." So it's still RRL but not totally. That portion of the new RRL is pretty pricey, as the vintagey-looking suits can run up to about $1,200. So if expensive day laborer is the look your going for, it seems that you won't have a problem putting that together here.

Back to the moves. Both the former RRL store and the former Ralph Lauren children's store are turning into Rugby stores (that's 380 Bleecker Street and 390 Bleecker Street), which means that the rumors were true and our diligent commenters who told us so, told us so. The Shophound presumes that these stores would be designated one for each sex, which would make sense, relatively speaking.

And (can you believe it!?) there's still more info. The former collection store at 379 West Broadway will also be a RRL store, which is listed on the company's site as "coming soon." And with that, we conclude our Ralph Lauren news roundup that's officially fried our brains.
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