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This Time Around, the Topshop Collab Rumors Involve Galliano

John Galliano image via <a href="">Getty Images</a>, Topshop image via <a href="">Paul Pelssers</a>
John Galliano image via Getty Images, Topshop image via Paul Pelssers

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It seems that Sir Philip Green can't go out to dinner with anybody—or pal around at Kate Moss' wedding—without igniting a million Topshop collaboration rumors. Last week, when he and Gwyneth Paltrow had dinner together, the fashion world was aflutter that the GOOP princess might be doing a collab with the brand. And now it seems that after hanging out with John Galliano at Moss' nuptials, the rumor mill is about to spin off its wheel.

Vogue UK had reported that "discussions — which are said to be in the earliest stages — look set to take place soon." So discussions, if anything, but it looks like there hasn't even been any of that going on. A few hours after their initial posting, Vogue updated with a statement from Sir Philip Green saying, "I saw John Galliano at Kate's wedding last Friday. I did not discuss any business with him then, nor have I since." So does that mean he just hasn't done it yet?

Vogue points out what a huge giant deal the collaboration would be if it ended up happening:

The move would be a fashion resurrection for Galliano, currently awaiting judgement for charges of public insult in Paris, especially as his return would be under the wing of Green, one of the country's most influential Jewish businessmen.

And while those are prime examples of the impact that the collaboration would have on Galliano's career, they're also reasons why it might not happen. But then again, the article also mentions that Galliano has had some Topshop experience in the past. He worked at the Oxford Street flagship as a student, but pointing that out just feels like rumormongers (like us) grasping at straws.
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