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Walmart Tries to Butter Up NYC With a $4M Donation

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Walmart has been trying to inch its way into the city for quite some time now, and yesterday, Michael Bloomberg announced via press conference that the chain giant has donated $4 million to a city program that will offer about 3,400 summer jobs to young people. Bloomberg even went so far as to call them "one of the great corporate citizens in this country."

So is Walmart trying to buy our love? City Council members, small business owners, and basically the general population of New York City have naturally been opposed to the move for some time, but the City Room reports that the donation "seemed to help win over some skeptics." And when a reporter pressed about the timing of the donation, Bloomberg shot back with a quippy, "You're telling me that your company's philanthropy doesn't look to see what is good for your company?" Touché.

They even won over Brooklyn borough president Marty Markowitz, who had previously been opposed to the idea of a Walmart invasion. He cryptically tells the Times: "This is a good, major first step." And while the city isn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth, we're sure not everybody is waiting with open arms and bated breath for this to happen.
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