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Custo Barcelona Columbus Avenue: Definitely Not Happening

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After nearly six years of keeping everyone guessing, the ongoing mystery of the Upper West Side Custo Barcelona boutique has finally come to a close. If the brokedown former-Penang restaurant interior, ratty brown paper window haphazardly-taped on the widows, and "for rent" signs didn't give it away—it's official: Custo Barcelona will not be opening a second outpost in the space. While the holding company for the Spanish retailer still owns the corner building, they will be renting it out the ground floor to a new wine bar instead.

After a few years of staring at the rundown storefront, residents are likely relieved to finally have an operating business brightening up the corner. Barbara Adler of the Columbus Avenue Business Improvement District is pleased for sure. She believes that the neglectful owner (a "wealthy Spanish clothing designer") has let the area fall into disarray. (DNA Info even mentions that "a homeless person regularly defecated in front of the vacant storefront" after Penang exited. Blech.) Well, nothing like a drinking spot to clean up a neighborhood.
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Not Custo Barcelona

240 Columbus Avenue, New York, NY