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Inside the Seriously Mindblowing Wall Street Duane Reade

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The ginormous Duane Reade that opened today at 40 Wall Street looks to be everything that was promised and possibly more. An anonymous tipster—who was clearly sent from heaven and quite skilled with clandestine Blackberry photo-taking—was so moved by the Duane Reade that he decided to share these photos with the world. This self-proclaimed "jaded" tipster even likened the experience to "more like being at Barneys". Seriously.

First off, the upscale food market looks to be flooded with eager Wall Street-ers, the smoothie bar boasts fresh fruit and the sushi section is manned by real Asian sushi chefs! And the salon services—good lord, the manicures are offered in a separate, zen-filled room accented with a marble wall and a glistening chandelier. The salon is even overseen by an accommodating gentleman who is wearing a suit. Customers may have been bit gun-shy about hitting the Duane Reade for hair services, but our tipster managed to snap one lady enjoying a sumptuous lunchtime shampoo. The Look Boutique, which offers a clear view of the neighboring Tiffany, looked deserted, but then don't they always seem to be?

The interior of the Duane Reade is incredibly impressive, too. Those vaulted ceilings and arches are stately backdrops and, wow, the elevators and escalators really are gilded. Nicely done, Duane Reade, nicely done.
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