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Big New Wall Street Duane Reade Will Offer Blow-Outs and Sushi

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A few weeks ago, we reported on the impending arrival of a massive, two-story Duane Reade in the Trump Building at 40 Wall Street, and today the Times reveals that the soon-to-open outpost may just totally blow your mind. First off, the 22,000+ space is, in fact, the "largest Duane Reade ever built". Even more interesting is that this tricked-out locale will feature fancy amenities that definitely cater to pressed-for-time finance professionals in the area.

In-house salon services will include shampoos, blow-outs, manis (no word on pedis) and massages. Not sure how the pampered bankers will feel about getting their hair done at Duane Reade, but points for effort. Also on hand: A doctor-staffed pharmacy and an enhanced grocery market featuring sushi and a smoothie bar. While there are no growlers at this spot, there is a prominently-displayed stock ticker to keep track of the market if your mani is taking too long.

It's no surprise that the palatial new Duane Reade cost roughly 20% more to build as compared to less-endowed locales. The interior was created to custom fit and preserve the lavish former home of the Bank of Manhattan Trust building. So, the vaulted ceilings, marble floors, "black marble columns and gilded escalators" from the old days still remain. In the chain's lightning-speed-to-market fashion, the biggest Duane Reade ever is scheduled to open its doors tomorrow.
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