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Well-Dressed Men, Here's What's On Sale at Seize Sur Vingt

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We stopped by Seize sur Vingt today for a preview of the sale that starts tomorrow. Sartorially inclined men of New York, rejoice! You can tell just by looking at the clothes that everything at Seize sure Vingt is excellent quality, and it's pretty well-stocked?in most areas.

We snapped a pic of the price list, above. To reiterate, and to clarify: Most suits are $700—$800, and a lot of the jackets are $300—$400. (And apparently this sale has the most suits and jackets they've ever had on sale, according to the friendly sales associate. Say hi to him. He's great.) Shirts range from $60—$90, cashmere sweaters $80—$120, and pants $$60—$80. There is a whole wall of polos at $40 and other button-downs in every color and plaid imaginable. There is also a table with some incredible leather shoes at $100 per pair (and the socks are only $10), but they only come in size 9.5, so if you have sample-sized men's feet, you're in luck. Everything else comes in a range of sizes, but sample sizes are better stocked. There are some options for women as well, but not too many—there is a single row of women's polos in the Great Wall of Polos, a rack of shirts and two or three skirts.

The clothes are so nice, we'd forgive you for dressing your man head-to-toe in Seize sur Vingt?every day. Apparently there is an additional shipment for the sale coming in from Italy today, so the photos here aren't even all-inclusive. The sale starts tomorrow and runs through August 14, but there's no telling how quickly the stock will go in those two weeks, so it's probably a good idea to go on the sooner side if you are planning on checking it out.—Lauren Budorick
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