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Girls in Sailor Stripes Turn Out for the Proenza Schouler Sale

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Today marks the date of the bi-annual Proenza Schouler sale in Soho, where the duo's edgy-yet-luxe looks start at just $70. Doors open at 9am (find full sale details here.) Below, Fawnia Soo Hoo reports live from the scene.

8:24am: Good morning! I just arrived at the Proenza Schouler sale and there are over twenty girls already waiting in line. A few more just arrived. Ew, I just got dripped on! That better be air-conditioner condensation.

8:29am: I hear the employee/VIP sale took place Monday. Hopefully it's not too cleaned out inside.

8:32am: Trend alert! There are four girls in line wearing navy-and-white striped tank tops. And one guy wearing a floppy knit hat.

8:43am: About ten more people (mostly female) have joined the line. I see two males total. One is standing next to his girlfriend with his arms crossed. I just saw him yawn.

8:45am: The fourth person in line says she's been here since 7am. How early did the first one get here?

8:48am:OK, twelve more minutes to go. I hope the sample situation is more promising than last time. We shall see!

8:50am: Twitterer @pmosendz, our informant who's fourth in line, tells us that the first line-goers got here at 6am. Also: "I feel like half the people in line brought their PS1 bag with them. The other half are hoping to score one here!"

8:52am: Ooh, navy-and-white polka dots just joined the stripes.

Here's a look at the line circa 8:53am

8:57am: The line has almost tripled in size. There are actually a few couples here, and one is totally engaged in PDA. That's one way to get your man to come with you to a sample sale!

8:59am: People are getting kind of excited now. There's been a slight contraction of the line, leaving me a little too close for comfort to the girls sandwiching me on either side. Oh gross, somebody just sneezed behind me.

9:00am: Hold on. Is that Andrew Mukamal from Kell on Earth cutting in the front of the line? He definitely wasn't here earlier. I would have noticed. Especially with those crazy pants he has on.

9:01am: The line just moved and stopped.

9:04am: It doesn't seem like they let anyone in yet. Andrew and his crew are crowding around the front of the door, totally circumventing the line. Was he not invited to the Monday sale?

9:05am: From @pmosendz, our new friend at the front of the line: "@rackedny Kelly Cutrone's ex-assistant just cut the line, even after the Proenza people told him to wait. #uhoh"

This is what it looked like outside 495 Broadway this morning

9:07am: Now I'm wondering if the first linegoers just don't realize that they should head up to the eighth floor, or if there was an actual directive to wait for a staffer to let people in.

9:12am: Just overheard the girl in the polka dot dress say that a staffer did come down to announce that they'd be delayed "a few minutes." It's past a few minutes now. Andrew looks bored and annoyed.

9:15am: The girl behind me went to check on the situation and reports, "They're letting in the celebrity types first." I'm assuming that means Andrew Mukamal, who seems to have gone inside. I read in the Cut yesterday that Leighton Meester buys most of her Proenza from sample sales. Maybe she'll stroll right in, too.

9:18am: OK, the line is moving now.

9:20am: Correction: The sale is on the seventh floor, not the eighth. I'm waiting for the elevator now. The trick is to maneuver so that you're one of the last in the elevator, so that you get out first. I'm sure everyone is thinking the same thing.

9:21am: Fail. I got shut out of both elevators. They're small, by the way.

9:23am: According to the flier, there's a bag check.

9:27am: I'm upstairs now and waiting for bag check. The room is twice as big as the one from the last two sales. It's also swankier. Could this line move any slower?

9:28am: The amount of stock looks the same. No PS1s, only $75 pinstriped messenger bags. Full report coming soon.

Here's one final look at the line, circa 9:45am

What's on sale, what's not on sale, and how much it all costs, right this way.

Proenza Schouler

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Proenza Schouler Sample Sale

495 Broadway, New York NY