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False Alarm: The Proenza Schouler Mystery Bags Weren't PS1s

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The Cabas tote at left; our tipster's purchase at right
The Cabas tote at left; our tipster's purchase at right

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Turns out there were PS1 bags at the Proenza Schouler sale—you just had to get in line at 7am to grab one. Our Twitter informer @pmosendz, who was the fourth person to enter the sale this morning, managed to walk away with an extra-large PS1 in camel. It was labeled $675, but staffers reduced the price after she pointed out some scratches and a bent corner. "My total purchase (PS1 + two wallets) was $485!" she writes, adding that the sales staff deserves credit for being kind and friendly despite the chaos raging around them.

Update: A Proenza Schouler rep tells us definitively, "There never have been and never will be PS1 handbags available for sale at Proenza Schouler's sample sales." While @pmosendz says the staffer who rang her up called the bag a PS1, our Proenza contact disputes her story. (It sounds like it was fairly insane in there, so it's entirely possible that someone misspoke or misheard.) In any case, we've determined that the bag was in fact the Cabas tote, which retails for $1,990 at Barneys and is pretty damn gorgeous in its own right.
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