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At Proenza Schouler: Reality Show Guy's Pals Snagged the Last Totes

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Sorry, but no photos allowed inside. We did see these frocks at the sale from spring 2011. Images via Getty.
Sorry, but no photos allowed inside. We did see these frocks at the sale from spring 2011. Images via Getty.

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After the delayed wait and slow-as-molasses bag check at the Proenza Schouler sale, we finally entered the spacious showroom on the seventh floor to check out the goods. Our initial excitement upon seeing the larger space was immediately tempered when we realized that the amount of stock was pretty much similar to the last sales. You just have to travel farther to reach the racks.

So let's get this bag situation sorted out first. The only bag-related items are canvas messenger totes (in various stripey patterns) for $75, some beach bags, and distinctively-patterned fish bucket totes for $100 (originally $325; the matching wallets are priced at $50).

BUT. On our way out, we spotted two girls clutching the remaining pair of camel Cabas bags and we're pretty sure that they were Andrew Mukamel's friends who cut in line with him. It's good to know that at least one early arrival was successful in scoring a bag the legitimate way, though.

On to the clothes! These were pretty much on the expensive side, and if there were any samples, they were priced as production pieces. For the $250-and-under deals, we spotted silk periwinkle and black star flower layered mini-skirts ($135), matching cut-out shoulder frocks ($235), paint-splattered jeans leftover from the last sale ($120), dotted and striped shibori chiffon pleated button-downs ($205), and lots of pants (around the $175 range). Girls were all snatching up a super-cute black-and-white, tie-dyed cover up (presumably to be worn as a dress) for $50. We also saw lots of leftover striped viscose shrugs for a clearance price of $25. Oh, and there were also tons of the requisite $85 tees and tanks.

The bigger-ticket items really dominated the sale. From the spring 2011 collection photos above, the tweedy orange tucked-front frock is $525 (there are a few similar black and white versions for $400) and the ombre silk shift is $675. We also spotted a sparkly pre-spring 2011 gold lurex dress ($550), the aqua leather and black ruffle detailed dress (from the last sale and now priced at $500), a cream canvas blazer ($325), a silk chiffon long sleeve black maxi-dress with neon yellow and purple distressed detail ($597), a lovely pleated cream chiffon maxi-dress ($325), a black and white tweed and leather cropped jacket ($995), a shibori spaghetti strap top ($300), and one lone mesh bustier dress in grey and taupe ($460).

As with the last two sales, there are no designated or closed-off fitting areas, and there are quite a few boyfriends wandering around, so be forewarned. There are, however, two full length mirrors, which quickly became precious real estate. We spoke with a really nice staffer sporting a cute pixie-cut, and she said that they have more tees, tanks, and totes to replenish, but everything else is out on the floor. This morning the spring 2011 neon-detailed pieces were disappearing right before our eyes—despite the hefty price tags—so we're not sure what will remain as the sale continues. Cash and credit are both accepted.
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