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Hottest Shopkeep Round 2, Heat 1: The Men

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The voters have spoken, the polls have been closed, and Round One of our Hottest Shopkeep competition has officially ended, leaving us with four winners who will face off against each other in Round Two. Since we wound up with two men and two women, we're going to divide the next round of voting by gender. Tomorrow,
Jacqueline Lucrezi of Hugo Boss Soho will go up against Sonia Huang of Suite Orchard. But first, it's time for some man-to-man combat. Today's contestants: Angus McIntosh of Saturdays Surf and David Alperin, owner of Goose Barnacle. Two great stores, two cute guys, Manhattan vs Brooklyn, surfers vs preppies—this contest has it all. Cast your vote after the jump.

Poll results

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Saturdays Surf NYC

17 Perry Street, New York, NY 10014 Visit Website

Goose Barnacle

91 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn NY