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Hello Kitty Creator's Latest Character Is a French Bulldog in NYC

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Yuko Shimizu, the original creator of Hello Kitty, is in town this week, and we caught up with her at the Royalties Brand Showcase to talk about her latest character. Since Hello Kitty is already 36 years old, Rebecca Bonbon, a fashionable French Bulldog, is Yuko's newest baby. The image of the well put-together pup adorns clothes, bags, accessories, and dog outfits for the brand named after her, which is marketed to the same kind of girls who love Hello Kitty: cute young ones who really like pink.

The story behind Rebecca Bonbon is that she's a French Bulldog from Paris, who was adopted by an American girl and now lives in New York. She also apparently has an American Express Black Card. When we asked Yuko what Rebecca Bonbon's favorite brands were, she quickly answered with "Chanel," and added that "she has, what do you call it, the miracle card? It's unlimited. So she can buy anything that she likes—like Chanel. She can spend it all."
· Rebecca Bonbon [Official Site]