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Apple Doesn't Care If You're Dressed As Darth Vader or Leading a Goat

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Mark Malkoff, the comedian who recently outraced a city bus on his Big Wheel, is back with another gimmicky video. This time, he's taking on the Apple store. Malkoff's theory is that Apple is way too nice: They'll let you bring in pets, play with all their equipment, and generally cause a ruckus without saying anything. (Though as Consumerist points out, fairly dramatic exceptions to that rule do exist.)

In his stunt, Malkoff sets out to test Apple's patience. First, he has a pizza delivered to the Soho store. Then, he stages a "romantic date" at the Fifth Avenue location. At Apple West Nyack, he dresses like Darth Vader, prompting staffers to suggest fixing his broken phone with the force. Finally, he shows up at the Upper West Side store with a goat in tow. Throughout it all, the Apple employees remain unfazed.

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