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Hottest Shopkeep Round 1: Let the Games Begin

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The heat wave might have broken, but it's about to get steamy up in here. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Racked NY's first annual Hottest Shopkeep competition. Here's how it works: We asked you to nominate the most objectification-worthy people in New York City retail—male or female, sales clerk or store owner. Then, our panel of experts culled and seeded the finalists and put them in groups of four, which we're going to roll out over the next two days. Next, we'll pit the winners from those groups against each other and so on until Friday, when we'll run the two-person face-off that determines the hottest shopkeeper in all New York.

In today's first challenge, a "man-god" from Soho beach shop Saturdays Surf goes up against the owner of East Village boutique Cloak & Dagger, the owner of Chelsea lingerie shop Sugar Cookies, and a super-cute Intermix employee.

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