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Nobody in Midtown Sympathizes with Michele Bachman's High-Heel-Induced Migraines

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Michele Bachman via Getty
Michele Bachman via Getty

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When news emerged that Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachman suffers from terrible migraines, some pundits wondered whether her ailment would get in the way of her ability to govern. But since Bachman blames her migraines on ill-fitting heels, City Room had another question: Can you really get debilitating headaches from a pair of shoes?

The Times blog consulted a neurologist and a podiatrist, both of whom thought the correlation was unlikely. Then they tried asking regular women on the street. One suggested that heels might actually be good for your health, because the higher your head is, the fresher the air. Another was more blunt:

"Flats are for quitters," said Lauren Giordani, 26, a business developer in Midtown. "If a woman can't wear heels, can she really run the country?"
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