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What You'll Find Inside Billy Reid's First Sample Sale

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Billy Reid, GQ's Best New Menswear Designer for 2010, is also holding his first-ever NYC sample sale in the Chelsea Market. Although only half the space is used for the sale, there are great deals to be found among the racks. And it's not all Billy: Distributed throughout the area lie select pieces from Ernest Sewn, Oliver Ryan, and J Brand jeans (for women) as well. Deals are around 75% off the regular retail price, which doesn't sound to shabby to us.

The sale has a definite focus on menswear, but that is not to say women can't find something to their liking. So for those ladies, towards the left-hand side are racks of knits ($39), sweaters ($29), and blouses ($39). There's also a variety of outerwear, if you can even imagine putting on an extra layer in this heat. Denim jackets are $39, blazer jackets are $79, and coats are $139. There wasn't a huge selection of bottoms except for one rack that held a few long pants ($29) and different styled skirts: pleat ($79) vs. puff bottom ($29). One piece to look out for is a camel leather coat, which is marked down to a lovable low price of $199 from $1695 due to slight damage during shipment. Shoes options were minimal: Just a few styles in limited sizes for $149.

Now, moving on to the main feature of menswear! For these hot summer days, there are great shorts ($49), tees and tanks ($19), as well as polos ($39) to choose from. If you're looking for a more professional look, Billy Reid has your solution with button-downs ($49) in solids, stripes, and checks, along with shirts with shoulder embellishments of all different colors. Sport coats made of light and heavy materials are $199, and a whole range of pant styles go for $59. There are boot cut, cuffed, striped, linen, jean, and wool styles—basically, you name it, Billy Reid has it.

Last but not least, there are shoes to try on ($149) if you're looking for a loafer or a dress shoe cross-over. We also spotted a few boots for the same price. Finally, there is a tiered stand at the front of the sale that has hats ($15), belts ($39), and bags ($39), should you feel the need to accessorize before heading back out into the heat.—Annie Amrhein
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