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Borders Liquidation Sale on the UWS; A Dylan's Candy Bar Stroller

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Image via Atomische • Tom Giebel/Flickr. Want to contribute? Join here.

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· A Christian Louboutin P.I. gathers Dior shoe intel on 57th Street [NY Post]
· Borders liquidation markdowns will begin Friday at the UWS location [DNAinfo]
· Bowery's "After Hours" storefront murals are coming down [Bowery Boogie]

· A slideshow of Miami Swim Week's impractical bathing suits. [The Cut]
· Dylan's Candy Bar collaborated with Maclaren on a stroller [WWD]
· Michele Bachmann suffers debilitating headaches from high heels [Gothamist]

· Happy hump day: Male models lip synching to Elvis []
· Vogue Hellas and Portugal have the same August cover [Fashionista]