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Uniqlo Is Sponsoring a Roller Rink Below the High Line

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Uniqlo just announced that they'll be sponsoring a roller rink and pop-up shop underneath the High Line, which is funny because that's exactly what we see when we close our eyes and try to envision a happy place. The new rink will take over The Lot, the public plaza at W.30th and Tenth Avenue that most recently housed AOL's freaky balloon sculptures.

The space, which opens next Thursday, July 28 and remains open through Monday, September 26, features an 8,000-square-foot skating area surrounded by benches made from original High Line beams. Next to it, skaters will find the Uniqlo Cube, a glowing box of a store stocked with cashmere, jackets, tees, and Uniqlo's futuristic Heattech inner wear.

Hours begin at 11am every day and run till 10pm Sunday through Wednesday and 11pm Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Admission, which includes skate rental, will cost $12 for adults and $10 for children under age 13 (who must be accompanied by an adult.) Throw in the food trucks and drink stands at The Lot on Tap, and you've basically got your whole night covered.
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The High Line Rink

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