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Apple, Other Upscale Shops Push Out Grand Central's Older Tenants

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Image via *Muhammed*/Flickr

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Grand Central's retail has been getting fancier and fancier, and today's Times examines what these changes mean for long-time tenants. The short of it: Nothing good. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is a tough landlord with high expectations and not much of a sense of history. When a shop's lease expires, it has to fight with newcomers to renew the space, which means older stores are constantly getting pushed out by rich upstarts. Even within the article itself, the plight of older Grand Central shops gets utterly eclipsed by a tidbit about the Apple store:

When Apple proposed opening a store on the balcony overlooking the main hall, it submitted its bid in linen-lined boxes, as if it were a wedding present to transit officials, a source familiar with the application process said. The board is expected to approve the deal as early as next week, at its monthly board meeting.
That's the most solid confirmation yet of a Grand Central Apple store, not to mention an amazing detail. Linen-lined boxes! Those Apple people are so classy. Wait, what were we saying about the older tenants again?
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