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At Club Monaco, They're Practically Giving the Clothes Away

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To all you brave and sweaty souls waiting in the hallway outside the first public Club Monaco sample sale: It's pretty worth it. The sale is an effort to work through (even after the monster of a line), but everything inside is indeed priced from one dollar to just $35.

We're going to make this quick because you're going to need the extra time to wait in line, plus work your way through the haphazard mess of clothing. So here's everything you need to know about the sale before you go.

First off, this is a sample sale, so for ladies, you're working with mostly a size six and guys, you will see lots of either medium or size 32 bottoms. Aside from some racks of outerwear, men's shirting and tables of pants and shorts, there is no rhyme or reason to the organization so you just have to commit and start digging.

The full price list is in the gallery, but to top-line: Tees and tanks are $5, shorts, skirts and some tops are $10, dresses, sweaters, pants and jeans are $15, blazers and jackets are $20, coats and trenches are $25, and leather jackets are $35.

As you're ferreting through the piles and racks, keep an eye and hands out for anything shiny, silky, embellished and patterned. Within the piles of neutral, cottony tees stuff, we unearthed a pair of dreamily soft cuffed leather shorts ($10—priced as shorts! So generous, Club Monaco.) We also found cropped wool coat with leather moto-sleeves ($25 because it's not a full leather jacket. Again, bless you, Club Monaco) and a pristine-condition beaded cut-out shoulder silk top. We spied one lucky guy checking out with a distressed leather flyboy jacket and another pondering over a dapper seersucker blazer.

Don't bother with the leather bags, they're pretty much depleted, save some pretty wrecked and ripped totes and some furry clutches. The leather gloves (in lovely hues) are all missing their mates, so there's a time commitment involved with that deal. But for easier shopping, girls were having a ball digging through the accessories (packaged in plastic baggies) and some stretchy bracelets and beaded necklaces were just one dollar (near the checkout).

A few things to note: Assess your intended purchases carefully, as a good number of items are damaged or pierced with an inordinate number of safety pins. Also, bring a friend or make one in line, as there are no dressing rooms or even any mirrors (presumably to cut down on any lingering). You'll need someone to tell you if that ridiculously low-priced jacket fits you. Amidst the mayhem, the staffers are helpful and friendly. Props for trying to trim the checkout wait by pricing out shoppers' purchases before they get to the credit card machine. Don't forget, purchases are credit card only; bring your picture ID to check in as well as your stamina to wait in line and work through the sale to unearth the gems.
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