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The Cynthia Vincent Sale: Far Too Tempting on Friends & Family Day

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We checked out the friends and family day of the Cynthia Vincent sample sale to prep all of our favorite readers (that's you) for the public sale tomorrow. Notable differences between this sale and some others that we've seen: It's bright enough that you can actually see the goods, and it's spacious enough that you won't be accidentally felt up by strangers. Oh, and there is some excellent merch to be had. (Confession: we might have contributed to a slight reduction in the stock between today and tomorrow. Couldn't help it.)

We can't forecast what the sale will look like tomorrow, but at least today it was well-stocked with a diverse range of style. The prices are set across the board, so you can find a full rack of gorgeous long dresses all for $100, a wall full of tops and short dresses (including some stunning sequined numbers and several pretty silk pieces) for $70 and $80, respectively, and two long racks of samples slashed to only $20. There's also a table of bags and accessories—leather bags for $100, canvas bags for $65, and they're gorgeous if somewhat sparse—and a decent display of shoes at $65 per pair. You'll find both fall-ish knits and a slew of light summery options, so if you like Cynthia Vincent at all (and we don't know why you wouldn't), you'll probably find something worthwhile at the sale.

The Cynthia Vincent "Sample Sale of Love" runs from 11am—7pm tomorrow, July 20, at 80 W. 40th St, Suite 43, right across from Bryant Park. Find more details on our Dealfeed listing. And then clear your schedule tomorrow, or rearrange your lunch break, or whatever you need to do, and go.—Lauren Budorick
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