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UWS Athleta Sheds Its Construction Banners to Open Soon

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It looks like the Upper West Side won't have to wait until fall for the opening of the city's first Athleta outpost. A walk past the Columbus Avenue and 70th Street locale over the weekend revealed the disappearance of the temporary sports-themed banners, unobstructed windows and a freshly painted chocolate brown storefront. The interior looked pretty ready for move-in, too: Shelving is going up onto the exposed brick walls, the hardwood floors are unscuffed and shiny, and most of the construction detritus has been cleared out. Even the cherry-wood cabana-esque dressing rooms look ready for business and it's only just a matter of time before multiple Daniquins grace the shop with their presence.

We interrupted a construction worker in the middle of fixing up some lighting and he indicated that the store would open in just two weeks. Lululemon, consider yourself forewarned.

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216 Columbus Avenue New York NY