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Playboy Takes Over Noho Novelty Shop Partners & Spade

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For the next two weeks, Partners & Spade—the Noho cabinet of wonders that also houses Andy Spade and Anthony Sperduti's branding business—will be entirely dedicated to Playboy. Back in May, the magazine put all 58 years of its archives online via a subscription-based, iPad-friendly site called Partners & Spade has the analog version: Twenty prints of classic Playboy shots hanging above glass cases featuring great moments in Playboy history.

The show, much like the photo gallery above, is totally NSFW, though you might find yourself more distracted by the parade of bygone hairstyles than by all the boobs. (Partners & Spade has the full set of prints on their website—April 1967 seems particularly lost to the mists of time.) Playboy asked a group of "cultural thought-leaders" that includes hotelier Andre Balazs, designer Jeremy Scott, Barneys ambassador Simon Doonan, and the ladies behind Vena Cava to pick their favorite articles and images from the archives, and those sit in vitrines under the wall art. And because this is really all marketing for the iPad app, there's a table with iPads in the middle of the room. The show lasts through July 29, but if you want to buy some art of your own, act fast: Five of the 20 prints have already sold.
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