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At Hayden-Harnett: Shop the $45 Corso Como Leather Samples

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This sale is billed as a Hayden-Harnett sale, but in reality, it's all about the crazy deals on Corso Como production sample and made-in-Brooklyn Corrente bags. Sadly, it seems that our concerns from last year's disappointing Hayden-Harnett sale may have been well-founded, as the label barely made an appearance. The sale has moved from the Hayden-Harnett's almost too-spacious showroom to a tiny empty storefront on Orchard Street. The tight space quickly became crowded with eager shoppers hopped up on the insane double-digit price tags and, naturally, the unregulated bag hoarding began. So let's talk about the happy news first—and by happy, we're talking $45 leather handbags.

The Corso Como samples make up the majority of front half of the room. Prices start at $25 for canvas and leather mix pieces to $60 for more structured doctor's bag styles with chain detail. Most sample bags were priced either $35 or $45 and we saw fringed cross-body saddle bags, woven-detail hobos, hardware-embellished purses, python-pattern messengers and more. Some bags look more plush and, well, expensive than others and the styles run the gamut, so we suggest looking carefully through the jumble.

There are a few Corrente bags mixed into the front and also on display toward the back. Prices ran from $95 for a metallic two-tone 70s-inspired rectangular bag to $150 for a raised-leather hobo to $275 for larger totes.

The Hayden-Harnett selection was sparse at best. (The discounted stock may have all sold out on the online sale earlier this week.) We spotted a couple mom-like Tron-collab shoulder bags for $50 at the front and a few beat up ones in the damage bin. The wallets ($25) and cuffs ($15) offerings in the glass case were more promising. There was also one lone rack of seriously marked-down (and virtually untouched) apparel, priced at $25 for dresses and separates and $30 for wool jackets.

The designers from Corso Como and Corrente are on hand to answer any questions and give advice as needed. We even overheard the Corrente designer advise a shopper on how to fix a broken handle on a damaged bag. Staffers said that all the Corrente and Hayden-Harnett were out on the floor, but there may be more Corso Como samples for the weekend. The sale supposedly accepts both cash and credit, but there was some funny business going on with the credit card machine. Staffers were "encouraging" cash payments and directing shoppers to a neighboring ATM, which presumably charges astronomical fees. So we suggest hitting your bank en route to Orchard Street as $50 in cold hard cash will go a long way at this sale.
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