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Sebastian Launches Its First Digital Lookbook With DJ Lessons

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New York's DubSpot, a school that will teach you how to DJ if you choose to become one, might seem like an odd choice for Sebastian's Potion 9 lookbook launch. But after considering that DJ, model, and all-around it-girl Harley Viera-Newton is the face (and head of hair) of Potion 9, it starts to make sense. And since we're just dying to add all sorts of random feathers to our caps, we agreed to join in on the DJ lessons.

The studio we were in at DubSpot had about ten DJ booths set up and looked a lot more intimidating than expected. After all, we kind of thought that DJs just eliminated all the fuss of turntables and used iPods now. One of the school's instructors, DJ Reborn, took charge and attempted to teach us all the most basic of basic scratch drills. Try and imagine what it sounds like when ten or so fashion writers and industry-related people try and scratch a record, in the same way, at the same time.

It doesn't sound good. Luckily, one of the instructors turned our speaker down pretty low, so we weren't the obvious cause of the rough screeching sound erupting from the room. And DJ Reborn told us to stop standing there like "catatonic DJs," so we may have started to get into it a little. (Okay, we loved it.) The session ended after a half-hour, which was just enough time to sort of understand how to do a basic scratch and realize that Madonna's "Human Nature" sounds even cooler with some tricks.

Upstairs, we took a peek at Sebastian's first digital lookbook, which features ten model shots of some insane hairdos and the "style cocktails"—aka the Sebastian products—used to achieve them. For example, if you're looking for big, giant, all-encompassing hair (we always are), go with the Volupt product. If you want something sleek and shiny—even in the summer, we're told—go for the Gel Forte and the Potion 9. You too can peruse the online lookbook right here, and see what we mean about the crazy hair (think fishtail braids, wild faux-hawks) and summer-proof products that might make these next two months hair-bearable.
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