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Mothers, Don't Let Your Children Grow Up to be PR Interns

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Anyone who enjoys on-the-job horror stories should take a look at Stylelist's new Intern Diaries column, in which anonymous interns within the fashion industry describe their day-to-day tasks. Today's entry comes from an intern at a PR firm whose boss is either suffering from OCD or secretly hates her. On day one, our heroine is told to appear at an event venue "with no chipped nails." Early on the morning of day two, she tries to give herself a manicure. Then, because nothing keeps nails fresh like manual labor, she's asked to set up the space.

10:30 Called over to help unpack inventory. Thankful at the time, I soon start to smell like a soccer field.
10:32 Is this real life? I need to unpack 4,000 cups. And count them...
12:30 p.m. 2,565 down...
2:30 3,998 cups. Suppose to be 4,000, only 2 short!
2:45 Was told to find the two missing cups. Said I found them... what they don't know doesn't hurt.
4:00 Called out for my ugly nails.
Way to go, unnamed PR professional! You're teaching the next generation about what's really important in this industry: Impeccable grooming and the ability to devise elaborate forms of psychological torture.
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