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Bravo Star Nathan Turner Reports Live from Inside a Bloomie's Window

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Daphne Guinness preparing for the Met Ball at Barneys, Man Repeller vamping for a crowd at Bloomingdale's—live performances in department store windows have begun to feel like a major trend for 2011. Today, though, we're going to bring you a slightly different perspective. For the next hour, Nathan Turner, star of Bravo's Million Dollar Decorators, will be hanging out in a Bloomingdale's window display to promote his new collection of furniture for Elite Leather. We asked him to liveblog the experience for us below. Stay tuned: This time, the call is coming from inside the house.

5:02pm: OK! I'm in! It's kinda warm. I feel like a hamster.

5:17pm: Someone just asked if I'm for sale. Of course I said yes.

5:24pm: People are so funny. They're waving, taking pictures. I can hear them, but only a little. Now I know what it's like at the zoo—from the other side.

5:31pm: People wanted me to stand up so that they could get pictures with me. And I just got an iced tea, thank god.

5:32pm: The room is comfy—about the size of an average NY apartment. Privacy is a bit of an issue, though.

5:34pm: I'm actually getting used to this. Am I a narcissist?

5:36pm: I'm getting good at reading lips!

5:41pm: OK, this is funny. People's expressions are either "Oh, I love that show" or "What the hell is he doing in there?"

5:45pm: A little about the room: I went for a northern CA beach vibe. Amazing faux wood wallpaper from Nobilis, leather and linen Hughes sofa from Elite Leather.

5:52pm: There are also oil paintings inspired by early CA artwork from my collection with Dutch Touch, a photograph of my parents' place by Miguel Flores-Vianna, and a little mid-century to funk it up.

5:53pm: This is going by faster than I thought. I'm actually liking it. Who knew?

5:56pm: I'll never look at a hamster the same way again.

6:06: I guess I'm out! Final words of advice to anyone who plans to spend an hour in a window display: Wear light clothes and drink plenty of ice water.